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Shutterstories is  unique by design and versatile in the services offered.  We are a distinctive space dedicated to helping you capture, share and learn great photography and video as a student, hobbyist, amateur or professional in the field…

We believe that there is a huge untapped population of Photo and Video artists in this area that have not been adequately served by the established industry in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We offer an alternative- not only to the drive and the high pricing, but an opportunity to be a part of a new center and network of Photo and Video Artists and Professionals. We hope to play a large role in providing the services and opportunities necessary to this end.

Gallery Specs -  900 square feet glass front office.

Studio Specs -  more than 2700 square feet of shooting space. a panoramic cove wall spanning 28′, is 17’h & 18’d!  A  mobile 12’w x 10’h  chroma key green screen,  multiple muslins, 3 ready made sets, various props, catering station, dressing room, 2 make-up stations and so much more!



Student Nights...

every 3rd Friday...       learn more.


  Personal Progress shoots